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Wise Ways to Winterize Your Deck

Your deck is an investment to protect, and it can’t evade the winter weather!  Luckily, it’s not impossible to winterize your deck and protect your investment.  In this post, Elite Construction & Roofing, an award-winning decking and roofing contractor, offers some advice.Wise Ways to Winterize Your Deck

Seal Any Cracks

Rule number one is to fix any cracks in the decking. Any damage can worsen because of moisture infiltration and pest invasion. Putting off repairs could compromise your structure’s integrity before spring rolls around, and you can bet the cracks will be more costly when you procrastinate.

Kill the Mold

Every honest window, siding and roofing company will admit that mold can be a problem even in winter. The air may be dry, but some deck areas can provide optimum conditions for mold to proliferate.

Seal the gaps so mold has no place to hide. Even if your family isn’t sensitive to this allergen, its colonies are an eyesore you don’t want anywhere near the focal point of your outdoor space.

Keep an Eye on Snow, Ice and Debris

Make sure nothing gets built up on your deck. Snow, ice and debris are headaches in their own ways, but they have one thing in common: they set the stage for moisture accumulation. Clear any hazards on your deck, and do not use salt.

Let Elite Construction & Roofing give your house a complete checkup to ready it for the winter. Call (844) 217-0506 to schedule your appointment with us and get a free estimate in Lakewood, Thornton, or Westminster, CO.

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Wise Ways to Winterize Your Deck

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