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James Hardie® Products – Keeping Your Siding Pest-Resistant

Although your home’s siding is mainly there to protect your home from the harsh weather, it also has the important role of keeping pests from damaging more vulnerable areas of your home. This is why we recommend James Hardie® siding products, especially HardiePlank™ siding panels. Here are some of the advantages of James Hardie products over the regular options available as explained by the leading siding contractor in the area. 

Siding Pest Resistant

Thicker Layer

James Hardie siding is five times thicker than most versions of vinyl siding. This means there is way more material between potential pests and your home. Aside from having more material for your pests to chew through, this extra thickness also helps improve your home’s defense against wind and impact damage.

More Durable Material

James Hardie siding panels aren’t just hefty; they’re also incredibly tough. According to the leading siding company in the area, HardiePlank panels are rated tough enough to prevent damage caused by squirrels, other rodents, and even woodpeckers who have no trouble going through the regular wood siding.


Unlike wood panels, James Hardie siding does not absorb a lot of moisture. This reduces the risk of having mold or mildew form on the siding’s surface. This indirectly helps with pest problems, as some critters tend to be attracted to mold and mildew that they use as food.

Professional Installation Required

To make sure you make the most out of your James Hardie Siding, you need to make sure they are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is only possible if you hire James Hardie-certified siding and window replacement contractors, who have received exclusive training for installing these specific siding products.

Get James Hardie Siding and protect your home from pests. Elite Construction & Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in Golden, Thornton, and Lakewood, CO. Call us at (720) 712-1870 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

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James Hardie® Products – Keeping Your Siding Pest-Resistant

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