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5 Common Concrete Problems and How to Prevent Them

Concrete is one of today’s most manageable building materials. There are certain problems unique to it that, fortunately, can be prevented by working with a contractor with experience in concrete installation and troubleshooting. In this blog, siding contractor Elite Construction & Roofing discusses common concrete problems.

5 Common Concrete Problems and How to Prevent Them

  1. Discoloration — Properly-mixed concrete should be of one color. Discoloration happens when there are sudden changes to the mix, if the finishing was rushed and didn’t allow enough curing time, or if calcium chloride is added. Discoloration is addressed with proper installation, from specifying the structural tolerance levels with the ready mix supplier, to making sure the concrete is fully dry before finishing.

  1. Scaling — Scaling happens when the concrete surface breaks off and appears to be peeling away. It is caused by exposure freeze-thaw cycles, incorrect mix ratio resulting in weak concrete, or by not following the correct curing procedure. A knowledgeable building and siding company again saves the day by making sure that proper installation procedures are practiced. Salt and other chemicals should not be used during winter installation.

  1. Crazing — Crazing is another very common concrete problem, characterized by what appears to be fine cracks that result in small peaks and valleys on the concrete surface. This happens when the cement paste rises to the surface, then shrinks. It also happens if a network of fine cracks form on the surface. It doesn’t affect concrete performance, but the cracks may look obvious when the concrete is damp. Moisture control and proper curing prevents crazing.

  1. Cracking — There are many reasons why cracks form on concrete: temperature changes, applied loads and the house settling among them. Cracks on the wall can be addressed by filling the crack and applying waterproofing to it. But on structural components such as load-bearing posts, address the root of the problem first. A foundation specialist can help address such problems, but remember to have this done as soon as possible. Faulty house foundations could lead to a complete house collapse if not addressed early.

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5 Common Concrete Problems and How to Prevent Them

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