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What Online Reviews Tell You About Your Prospective Roofer

According to recent research, most consumers trust online reviews. More than eight out of 10 people trust testimonials from strangers as much as they value recommendations from friends. As real-customer feedback gains more credibility, it pays to hear what other people have to say online before hiring a roofer.

What Online Reviews Tell You About Your Prospective Roofer

Here are the important questions about roofing contractors answered by verified online reviews:

Is Your Prospective Roofer Telling the Truth?

Any reputable roofing company, like Elite Construction & Roofing, will tell you that reading testimonials can help you determine when your prospective contractor is lying about something. It’s not uncommon for unreliable roofers to claim credentials they don’t really have. Without reviews, it’s hard to tell if the company you’re working with is presenting false information.

Thanks to testimonials, you can now exercise your due diligence more effectively. Many victims of contractor scams actively publish their stories online, allowing the whole world to know about their bad experience with a certain roofer. If you read enough reviews, you can protect yourself against fraud.

Is Your Prospective Roofer Notorious for Bad Service?

A solid reputation is a non-negotiable criterion for judging a roofing contractor. Although many customers don’t write testimonials, those that make the effort are either happy or extremely unsatisfied with the service they received.

Nearly 70% of testimonial-reading customers form an opinion about a local business after checking out one to six reviews. If you do the same, you can reveal the real track record of your prospective roofer.

Is Your Prospective Roofer Going to Leave You High and Dry?

Reviews posted on reliable sites, such as Better Business Bureau® and GAF, can shed light on the dispute resolution policy of a particular roofing contractor. Since mistakes and misunderstandings are sometimes inevitable, it’s imperative to find a company that goes the extra mile to resolve conflicts.

At Elite Construction & Roofing, we take pride in receiving rave reviews from our valued customers. “Organized”, “professional” and “hardworking” are some of the most common praises we get from our past clients. With over 15 years of business excellence with an A-plus BBB rating, we’ve become the darling of homeowners in Lakewood, Thornton and Westminster, CO. Call us at (720) 606-6566  to schedule your free consultation and to discuss your roofing needs.

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What Online Reviews Tell You About Your Prospective Roofer

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