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4 Questions to Answer to Pick the Perfect Siding Color

Siding is the most noticeable architectural feature from the street and its color chiefly defines its character. However, choosing the right hue for your home is trickier than you think. With practically no limit to the choices, the probability of picking the wrong one is high.

4 Questions to Answer to Pick the Perfect Siding Color

An experienced siding contractor, like Elite Construction & Roofing, will tell you to answer these questions that help narrow down your options:

What Is Trending in My Area?

First of all, you need to know the trending hues in your location. Drive around your neighborhood to see the common color palettes. If most of the nearby homes feature bright colors, going too dark might make yours stand out for the wrong reasons.

What Are the Dominant Colors in the Surrounding Environment?

Other than those of neighboring properties, take notice of the colors of nature surrounding your home. Any design-savvy siding company would advise you to draw inspiration from the scenery. If you have views of the mountain, pay homage to its splendor by mimicking its complexion.

What Are the Details of My Home Exterior?

The beauty of your siding depends on how harmoniously it can coexist with the rest of your home exterior. Remember: it’s just one of the many visible elements from the outside that lend your property its personality.

A good rule of thumb is to complement the appearance of unchanging features, such as natural stone and lush foliage. It shouldn’t clash with other accents, but a door or window replacement project could easily correct any incongruity.

What Is Your Preference?

Lastly, listen to your heart. This doesn’t mean you should impulsively color your siding with whatever you want, but your choice should be pleasing to the most important observer: you.

As the local authority in James Hardie® fiber cement products, we give you access to an impressive selection of siding colors. With the brand’s ColorPlus® Technology, you can choose from a bevy of vibrant, fade-resistant and pre-applied finishes backed by a powerful warranty.

Call us today at (720) 606-6566 to schedule your in-home consultation. We will talk about your project and give you a free estimate. We proudly serve homeowners in Golden, Thornton and Lakewood, CO.

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4 Questions to Answer to Pick the Perfect Siding Color

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