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Siding Quandary: Should You Repair or Replace?

Like the roof above your home, the siding that surrounds your home’s exterior is exposed to the elements. Eventually, it will show its age through signs of wear and tear, compromising your property’s aesthetic appeal and weather protection. When that time comes, you’ll have to decide between repairing and replacing the siding. As the leading siding company in the area, we discuss when either option is feasible.

Siding Quandary

Choosing Siding Repair

If you discover some missing sections in your home’s exterior, a reliable siding contractor can easily repair them without going with the more expensive option. Apart from being less costly and more time-efficient, siding repairs are suitable if you notice these problems:

  • Holes – These can lead to considerable damage if not addressed immediately. They could mean that small animals are slowly making their way into your home’s walls.
  • Loose Panels – These can be a result of poor installation or strong winds during a violent storm. Your siding contractor can easily attach them back, restoring your home’s appearance and appeal.
  • Cracks and Dents – Obvious signs of damage like cracks and dents require replacing the affected siding panel with a new one.

Choosing Siding Replacement

Sometimes, the best option is to replace your current siding altogether, especially if a big portion of your home’s exterior is affected. It might be more costly than implementing simple repairs, but a new siding is a great investment that pays in the long run. Certain issues that require siding replacement include the following:

  • Excessive Maintenance – It is time to replace your current siding if you have been repainting, cleaning and repairing it too much over the years.
  • Bubbles – Moisture underneath the siding surface can cause the material to expand and contract under extreme temperature changes, resulting in the appearance of bubble-like blisters.
  • Fading – Faded siding detracts from the beauty of your home. It also tells you that the waterproofing qualities of the siding material are no more.

Ask us if you think your siding needs repair or replacement. Elite Construction & Roofing uses only the highest quality materials and we put our award-winning workmanship into every siding project. We provide a variety of options from industry leader, James Hardie®, so you can be sure your new siding will protect and beautify your home for years to come.

Count on us for your other exterior home improvement needs, including window replacement. Call (720) 446-9633 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. We serve homeowners in Lakewood, Thornton, and Golden, CO.

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Siding Quandary: Should You Repair or Replace?

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