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How Does the HardieZone™ System Benefit You?

The HardieZone™ system is a set of James Hardie® products designed to work together in certain climates. Although fiber cement siding is tough to the core, it requires the right complementary components to be unfailingly impervious to the elements it deals with.

How Does the HardieZone™ System Benefit You?

As a James Hardie-certified siding contractor, Elite Construction & Roofing talks about the benefits of using the apt HardieZone system for your home:

Excellent Protection from Local Weather

James Hardie engineered its HardieZone systems with unique climatic variables in mind. Its HZ5® product line can hold out against freezing conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, the HZ10® is made to stand up to blistering heat, hurricane-force winds and heavy downpours.

If you grace the sides of your home with the right HardieZone system, your home can withstand the rigors of your local climate. Regardless of how harsh the weather conditions you normally experience, expect your new siding to remain, perform and last as advertised.

Spot-On Aesthetics

Any experienced siding company will say that HZ5 and HZ10 products come with regional-centric designs. They make siding customization a breeze, eliminating unpopular aesthetic elements before you even think about colors and finishes.

Superior Protection

James Hardie products are synonymous with stellar transferable warranty coverage, which you may not enjoy by mixing the wrong components. After all, you can’t expect maximum performance from your siding without the appropriate accessories reinforcing it. To get the most value for your money, invest in the complete, apt HardieZone system for your home.

If you’re planning to do window replacement soon, Elite Construction & Roofing recommends integrating it into your James Hardie siding installation. Rolling them into one can save you on labor and materials and give your home exterior a dramatic makeover. Call us now at (844) 217-0506 for your free estimate in Thornton, Lakewood, Golden, or any neighboring CO community.

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How Does the HardieZone™ System Benefit You?

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