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Don’t Let Your New Roof Let You Down

A new roof can be exciting for any homeowner. If you are getting one, remember that having a new roof installed is a huge project. Don’t let your excitement get in the way of making the right decisions. Most of all, work with a qualified contractor to do the installation. Your choice of a roofing contractor can spell the difference between having a great new roof or a new problem on your hands.

Don’t Let Your New Roof Let You Down

Inadequate Decking

The deck serves as your roof’s foundation and an inadequate deck is a disaster waiting to happen. Poor decking construction can lead to sagging on parts of your roof. Apart from the obvious issues with structural integrity that slumping sections show, they may also collect water for extended periods of time.

Shoddy Shingle Installation

It is sometimes tempting to choose a roofing contractor that offers to do a job for surprisingly low rates. More important than pricing, however, is the contractor’s ability to work with the type of materials you want to use. Not all roofs are the same and you need to rely on experts with a good track record of installing asphalt shingles, for example. Otherwise, you may end up with curled or detached shingles within a year or two.

Improper Flashing Adhesion

Underneath your shingles are metal sheets that provide another layer of security from possible water damage to your roof. New roofs should have unbent, perfectly adhered flashing. If this is not the case, your roof and the rest of your home, will be prone to moisture damage.

Work only with a reputable roofing company like ours. At Elite Construction & Roofing, our team is highly regarded in the field, with various awards and certifications to prove it. Estimates are free for property owners in Lakewood, Thornton and Westminster, CO. Call us today at (844) 217-0506.

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Don’t Let Your New Roof Let You Down

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