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Loose Shingle Granules: Should You Worry?

A typical asphalt shingle is composed of three layers: backing material, asphalt and an outer layer of granules. The granules are what give asphalt shingles certain features as color and energy-efficient, reflective properties. Your expert roofing contractor, Elite Construction & Roofing takes a look at this essential component, and whether or not loose granules are something you should worry about.

Loose Granules

Roofing granules are made from crushed stone and minerals. With today’s advanced manufacturing techniques, these granules allow roofing manufacturers to create asphalt shingles of virtually any color, size and shape. As the roof ages, some of these granules come loose from the asphalt layer. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a few loose granules in the gutter weeks after the roof is installed.

It’s important to note that granule loss is a normal part of roofing wear and tear. These granules stay on the roof for most of the roof’s life span. If you do find a few loose granules in the gutter runoff, it’s no reason to panic. In fact, the only time that you should call a roofing company like us is when the runoff looks like someone dumped a morning’s worth of coffee grounds into the gutters. It could be a sign of premature wear and tear.

Causes of Granule Loss

We’ve mentioned wear and tear, but there are other conditions that knock these granules loose. What you don’t want is to end up with asphalt shingles that expose the asphalt layer, or what is commonly referred to as “bald” shingles. The roof could also sustain impact damage, caused by hail or airborne debris. This is the likely cause if you notice a lot of loose granules on the ground or in the runoff right after a storm.

If the roof has been recently walked on by, say, a satellite dish repairmen, there’s a chance you’ll find loose granules. There’s no need to panic in most of these situations, however, you should notify your roofer if you find an unusually high number of granules from a new roof, or from a very old roof.

If you need a roofing contractor to take care of various roofing problems including loose granules, call Elite Construction & Roofing today at (844) 217-0506. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve many areas in and near Lakewood, Thornton and Westminster, CO.

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Loose Shingle Granules: Should You Worry?

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