The iconic Colorado State Capitol in Denver is an impressive building that serves as a reminder of the state’s rich history, culture, and politics. It’s the site of the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor, and secretary of state, among others. It’s also the location of the Colorado General Assembly, which is the legislative branch of the state government.

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Designed by architect Elijah E. Myers and completed in 1894, the Capitol is a magnificent example of Neoclassical architecture and is well-known by Denverites. The building is made of Colorado white granite and features a stunning golden dome that is covered with genuine gold leaf.

The inside of the Colorado State Capitol is a sight to behold. It’s filled with stunning murals and sculptures that pay homage to the state’s culture and history. The most renowned work is the ‘Battle of San Juan Hill’ mural, which commemorates the part Colorado soldiers played in the Spanish-American War.

The grand staircase leading up to the second floor is a standout feature of the Capitol. Its marble steps are complemented by bronze balustrades and a magnificent chandelier. On this floor, visitors can find the Senate and House chambers, both of which boast stunning stained-glass windows and elaborate ceilings.

The Colorado State Capitol is home to a captivating observation deck, located on the 13th floor. From this incredible lookout point, visitors can relish in awe-inspiring sights of Denver and the nearby mountains. Furthermore, one can admire the golden dome up close, including the inscription ‘One Mile Above Sea Level’ which denotes Denver’s elevation.

This Capitol has a fascinating past, with many significant events taking place within its walls. A memorable occurrence was the 1915 bombing which shook the Senate floor, causing extensive destruction to the building. This attack was part of a larger string of bombings targeting politicians and businessmen throughout the country.

The Colorado State Capitol was honoured with the prestigious National Historic Landmark designation in 2007, highlighting its incredible architectural and historical value. Even now, this resilient building is still a vital hub of political activity in Colorado, and a popular attraction to boot.

If you’re looking to experience something truly special, a visit to the Colorado State Capitol is an absolute must. Its remarkable architecture, exquisite interior, and historical significance make it an unforgettable experience, no matter your interests. Whether it’s politics, history, or architecture that sparks your curiosity, the Colorado State Capitol won’t fail to impress.

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