The History Colorado Center is a museum and research facility located in Denver, Colorado. It is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history and culture of Colorado and the American West. The center opened in 2012 and is home to a wide variety of exhibits, collections, and research resources that explore the state’s rich history and diverse cultures. A fantastic read.

One of the center’s highlights is the “Colorado Story” exhibit, which tells the story of the state’s history through interactive displays, artifacts, and multimedia presentations. The exhibit covers a wide range of topics, including the state’s Native American heritage, the gold and silver rushes, and the history of the state’s cities and towns. Visitors can also explore an interactive timeline highlighting key events and figures in Colorado’s history.

Another popular exhibit is the “Space Odyssey”, an interactive exhibit that explores the history of space exploration and the future of space travel. The exhibit features a variety of hands-on activities, artifacts, and multimedia presentations that highlight the achievements of NASA and other space agencies.

The center also features a variety of other exhibits, including the “Denver A-Z” exhibit, which explores the history of Denver and its neighborhoods, and the “Fashion Denver” exhibit, which explores the history of fashion in the state.

In addition, the History Colorado Center also offers a variety of educational programs and events. The center’s education department offers a wide range of programs for visitors of all ages, including family-friendly activities, tours for school groups, and adult education classes. It hosts special events throughout the year, such as lectures, workshops, and film screenings. Check this out.

The History Colorado Center is a great destination for visitors interested in the history and culture of Colorado and the American West. The center’s exhibits, educational programs, and special events make it an enjoyable and informative experience for all ages. The center is open to the public every day of the year, and admission is required to enter the exhibits.